Michael Cohen Got $60,000 'Bonus' After Stormy Daniels Payout – Daily Beast

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The Trump Organization paid Michael Cohen a $60,000 “bonus” after he handled Donald Trump’s alleged mistress problem with a hush money payout to porn star Stormy Daniels. Now he’s paying for that bonus and much more as he stares down a possible three-year prison sentence for campaign finance violations, cheating the IRS out of his luxury handbag profits, and lying about Trump’s would-be Russian real estate empire, among other charges. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan and Special counsel Robert Mueller have both filed sentencing memos on Cohen and boy do they not look good for him.

Welcome to Rabbit Hole.  

Brag man: One of the many ways Cohen screwed himself was by leaving behind a trail of evidence about his illegal campaign contribution to the Trump campaign in the form of a hush money payment to alleged Trump mistress Stormy Daniels. Cohen, according to prosecutors, “privately bragged to friends and reporters, including in recorded conversations, that he had made the payment to spare [Trump] from damaging press and embarrassment” after transferring $130,000 to Daniels’s attorney.


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