Soyuz Space Crew Launch Failure 2018: Full Coverage

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On Oct. 11, 2018, two astronauts piled into a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for what should have been a routine trip to the International Space Station. But just a few minutes after liftoff, an issue with the Soyuz’s rocket — also called Soyuz — triggered an emergency landing, which both crewmembers survived in good condition. has been covering the incident and its implications for human space exploration since liftoff. Read our complete coverage below.

Friday, Oct. 12

Here's What the Failed Soyuz Rocket Launch Looked Like to an Astronaut in Space
European astronaut Alexander Gerst captured incredible photographs of the failed launch from its destination.

Russian Rocket's Failure Reminds Us That Spaceflight Is Still Dangerous
While both astronauts escaped the failed launch unscathed, that hasn't always been the case.

Soyuz Investigators Home in on Booster Separation, Promise Conclusions Oct. 20
Hours after the incident, Roscosmos had already launched an investigation into what went wrong.

Safety Panel Fears Soyuz Failure Could Exacerbate Commercial Crew Safety Concerns
The U.S. still lacks its own human-rated launch vehicle.

NASA Astronaut Nick Hague Thanks Rescuers, Supporters After Soyuz Rocket Launch Abort
In his first public statement since the failed launch, the NASA astronaut aboard thanked the quick response to the emergency.

Thursday, Oct. 11

Here's What Today's Soyuz Launch Failure Means for Space Station Astronauts
Without new crewmembers to welcome, astronauts aboard the space station shuffled their schedule for the day.

In Photos: Space Station Crew's Harrowing Abort Landing After Soyuz Launch Failure
A photo gallery gathers incredible images from the failed launch and its aftermath.

Empty Space Station? NASA Prepares for the Worst (but Hopes for the Best) After Soyuz Abort
With a new crew temporarily unable to reach the International Space Station, the orbiting laboratory may find itself empty.

A Russian Soyuz Rocket Launch Failed, But Its Abort Safety System Saved Lives
The family of rockets has been in use for half a century, and its escape system has been honed over those years as well.

Astronaut, Cosmonaut in 'Good Health' After Surviving Soyuz Rocket Launch Failure
Here's what two crewmembers would have experienced during the emergency ballistic re-entry landing.

NASA Administrator Promises Investigation into Astronauts' Emergency Landing After Soyuz Failure 
In his first statement after the launch failure, the NASA chief expressed gratitude for the astronauts' safe landing.

Soyuz Rocket Launch Failure Forces Emergency Landing for US-Russian Space Station Crew 
Immediate coverage of the launch failure was updated live as NASA and Roscosmos provided new information.

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