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All right I’m here with Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9, this is Samsung’s phone for power users and it is distinguished by the S-Pen Stylus built in.
Now this new phone has a lot of the same features as Galaxy S9 it does defer a little bit from the Note 9 but you’re gonna see a lot of continuity.
What is different are some tricks in the S-Pen Stylus.
And one or two in the camera as well.
[MUSIC] The Note 9 looks like a cross between last year’s Note 8 and this year’s S9.
It’s got a big 6.4 inch screen with narrow bezels.
Those trade Trademark curved sides, and a glassy back, with a fingerprint reader just below the camera.
Thankfully, it’s not off to the side this year A Note isn’t a Note without the S pen.
And Samsung made the Note9 stylus a whole lot more More interesting.
You can still use it to navigate, write, and draw.
But it now comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that let you use the S Pen as a remote control.
For example, long press the button to launch the app, double tap to switch to selfie mode, and then tap again to take the photo.
You can customize the actions and the settings and control up to seven devices this way.
When you place the S Pen back into the holster, it will fully charge in under a minute.
[SOUND] The Note 9’s cameras are almost exactly the same setup that you get on the Galaxy S9+, but there is one difference.
The Note 9 has new AI software inside that will automatically detect one of 20 scenes, and optimize the camera settings to try to make your photo look its best.
Camera AI is on by default but you can turn it off in the settings if you don’t like it.
And if you blink or somebody moves, the Note 9 will prompt you to retake your photo.
Otherwise you’re looking at two 12 megapixel rear cameras, one with the dual aperture lens that will switch apertures for better low white shot.
There’s an 8 megapixel front facing camera too, and yes AR emoji.
The Note 9 makes a play for longer battery life with a huge 4,000 mala amp era hour battery.
You change up the phone through USBC cable, or a wireless charger.
Samsung’s brand new 15 wat accessory called the wireless charging duo can charge two devices at once.
[MUSIC] Inside the phone you’re looking at a top of the line Snapdragon 845 processor in either 128 or 512 gigabytes of internal storage.
That is Hugs.
And there’s of course an external storage slot as well.
Good news for everyone is that the Galaxy Note 9 keeps the headphone jack, and both the phone and S pen are fully water resistant.
You also get the same two external speakers as the Galaxy S9, and the ability to plug into any large screen, with a compatible HDMI adapter.
With high-end specs and a few more tricks than last years Note 8, the Galaxy Note 9 is on track to draw in Note 5 owners looking for an upgrade, and other power users looking for a new phone with the most tools.
[MUSIC] If you like what you see with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 you can preorder the device on August 10th, and it will arrive in stores on August 24th.

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