Google is offering 3 free months of YouTube Premium if you own a Lenovo Smart Display (US only)

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The Lenovo Smart Display is officially on sale, and Google is offering a perk for anyone who purchases either the 8″ or 10″ model of the Assistant with a screen: a free three-month trial of YouTube Premium (formerly Red). However, as is normally the case with these things, there’s fine print to mind.

For anyone who purchases a Lenovo Smart Display, Google is offering three complimentary months of YouTube Premium, which offers ad-free videos, background playback on mobile, the ability to download videos for offline playback, access to YouTube Originals, and access to YouTube Music Premium. To redeem the offer, Google is telling Smart Display owners to call Google Support at 1-855-971-9121. YouTube Premium usually goes for $11.99 per month, so the prospect of effectively saving $35.97 makes the call worth the hassle.

Now for the fine print: Google is extending this offer to only Smart Display owners in the US who are currently not and have never been YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium, or Google Play Music subscribers. The offer is also unavailable to anyone who has participated in a YouTube Red, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium, or Google Play Music trial before. Anyone looking to redeem this offer has until September 26th, 2018, to do so.

The Lenovo Smart Display 8 and 10 launched on July 27th at $199.99 and $249.99, respectively. But the 10″ model is already being sold at a $50 discount at Costco, and Best Buy is offering a $20 gift card if you purchase the bigger model. This YouTube Premium promotion is a nice bonus for anyone who buys one of these Assistant smart displays.

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