Friday's letters: Who knows more about climate science?

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Climate holdout: Pasco | Nov. 19

Glad to know he’s a man of science

It is reassuring to know that Pasco Commissioner Jack Mariano, a part-time insurance salesman, has a better grasp of the earth sciences, the scientific method and the vast trove of data from instruments and satellites around the world than 97 percent of the people who wasted years earning their doctorates in the sciences. He spared his fellow commissioners the trouble of learning what the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Coalition had to say about understanding and preparing for the impacts of climate change. They are all Republicans anyway, so he could safely assume that they were not interested, either. I wonder what the people whose lives were turned upside down by Hurricane Michael think? I wonder what his constituents huddled in low-lying areas along the Gulf of Mexico think?

Gregory Smith, San Antonio

Scooters are coming | Editorial, Nov. 17

Make those scooters safe

Cities might want to seriously consider the safety of pedestrians when permitting electric scooters to use sidewalks. In June, I was run down by a bicyclist on the Belleair Causeway Walkway. I am still dealing with the injuries I suffered, including a $33,000 surgery for a torn ligament. Even though there is a nice bicycle path on the bridge, bicycles are legally allowed on the walkway. It should be noted that there is a sign prohibiting skateboards there.

Patsy Sullivan, Indian Rocks Beach

Trump to turn in his answer soon to Mueller | Nov. 17

Protect the Mueller probe

Now that the president has put in place his man, Matthew Whitaker, to run the Justice Department, Congress must pass bipartisan legislation to protect the Mueller investigation. America must see this to the end and receive a final report.

Sharyn Tanner, Indian Rocks Beach

Activist ‘saved a fish’ but judge rules he stole it | Nov. 17

It was both fish and foul

“Animal activist” Michael Leaming seems to care more about a fish than the rights of a family spending time fishing together, which makes him sound less like an activist and more like an arrogant, angry extremist. I commend the confronted family on their patience with this intrusion on their day. With a different combination of people and personalities, this situation could have ended very badly. I couldn’t help but think back in Florida’s long history and wonder if anyone traveled the shores of Florida and verbally attacked their fellow Native Americans insisting that fishing and eating their catch was wrong. I didn’t have to think about that for very long. It would have been absurd then, just as it is now.

Philip Penrose, Gulfport

Midterm elections

Don’t expect much change

I can’t help feeling that the midterm election was messy and really didn’t change much. Other than it being very partisan and close, it showed which party hated the other party more. We now know for the next four years nothing changes for Florida. So please get over it as there’s nothing to get excited about anytime soon.

Hal Batey, St. Petersburg

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