A Pixel 3 camera bug kills the phone's greatest asset if you launch it through third-party apps

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New reports say that the Google Pixel 3, a phone sold primarily on the strength of its camera, suffers from a bug that causes the camera to crash if you try to launch it indirectly through apps that require camera access. BuzzFeed reports that this includes everything from social network apps like Instagram and Twitter to Google Authenticator. According to user reports, launching the camera from within these apps causes the device to crash, and neither Safe Mode nor a factory reset appears to fix the problem.

At the time of writing, a post regarding the issue in the Pixel User Community that was made last month has received 107 responses, suggesting this is far from an isolated incident. In a statement to BuzzFeed, Google said that it has “looked into reports of this issue and [has] identified a fix that will roll out in the coming weeks.”

It’s unclear exactly what has caused the bug, but at present, only certain Pixel 3 devices appear to be affected. Revoking access to the camera for third-party apps will prevent you from accidentally causing it to occur. You can restart your device to get the camera working again, although it’s far from a permanent fix.

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