Election Day in the US: The day after

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Don’t expect President Trump to dwell on the new political order in Washington during his post-election news conference at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday in the East Room.

Aides say he will claim victory for Republican gains in the Senate and key races for governor. He is expected to give remarks — likely lengthy — about his role in the midterms before taking questions.

“He feels vindicated,” a Trump confidant said.

The President’s mood is upbeat, aides say, largely because he is able to point to major victories in races where he campaigned. He’s already been tweeting about that this morning. Look for him to downplay — or ignore — disappointments, particularly losses in governor’s races.

As for Democrats winning control of the House? “He was prepared for that to happen — all Republicans were,” one official who spoke to the President said.

But White House officials are still grappling with the new reality of bi-partisan control of Capitol Hill. One example: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters late last night the President had no reason to call House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi overnight. Turns out, he did just that.

“All of our cues will come from the President on this,” a White House official said.

The President plans to show areas of potential (and limited) cooperation with Democrats, largely on infrastructure. The White House legislative affairs team has been talking to Democratic and Republican House leaders about this for several weeks.

And what happens next? Trump’s re-election campaign will also quickly enter a new phase — with more rallies to come soon.

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