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With the midterm elections less than a week away, science is on voters’ minds even when it’s not on the ballot. From coastal floods in Florida, to the growing pains of renewable energy in Hawaii, to curbing the opioid addiction crisis in Kentucky, different stories hit closer to home depending on what state you’re in. Sophie Bushwick, senior editor at Popular Science, joins Ira to walk through some of the top science stories in every state, plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, as found in recent Popular Science reporting.

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They’re joined by reporters Elizabeth Harball, from Alaska’s Energy Desk, Kristofor Husted, from KBIA in Missouri, and Annie Ropeik of New Hampshire Public Radio. The three reporters share stories of salmon conservation policy, meat substitute labeling, renewable energy expansion, and more from their respective states.

And they take listener input: What’s the most important science story YOU see in your state?

We asked this question on Twitter earlier this week. Check out the responses below:

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Segment Guests

Sophie Bushwick

Sophie Bushwick is a Senior Editor at Popular Science in New York, New York.

Annie Ropeik

Annie Ropeik is an environmental reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord, New Hampshire.

Kristofor Husted

Kristofor Husted is a Harvest Public Media reporter based at KBIA in Columbia, Missouri.

Elizabeth Harball

Elizabeth Harball is a reporter for Alaska Public Media’s energy desk.

Meet the Producer

About Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is an associate producer for Science Friday. Her day involves diligent research, too many phone calls for an introvert, and asking scientists if they happen to have an audio recording of their research findings.

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