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Time travel PROOF? Woman 'from year 6000' reveals futuristic plant 'used by dinosaurs'

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Chloe, from Finland, claims to have experienced time travel and has some evidence she says proves it. 

She sat down with Apex TV to reveal all about her experiences and also try to prove she is telling the truth. 

The elderly woman revealed how she was apparently asked to use a time machine to the future back in 1967.

She says a group of scientists fixed her arms and feet to a chair and placed a metallic tube on her head. 

“And the plants below were not the same as those we are used to seeing because of genetic engineering”


Then someone pressed a button to fill her body with a current and when she woke up, she was in the year 6000.

And Chloe says the scenes she faced were incredible. 

“There were flying cars, the ground was entirely green, filled with trees and flowers,” she said.

“Skyscrapers filled the place, they were so high, you could not see the top.

“And the plants below were not the same as those we are used to seeing because of genetic engineering.”

BIZARRE: The woman claims she has a plant from the future (Pic: APEX TV)

And Chloe has some evidence to back up her claims. 

The clip shows her pulling out a strange-looking plant, which apparently came from the year 6000. 

Dubbed Roklorulo, she speculates the plant was food for dinosaurs millions of years ago. 

And apparently, it was revived alongside the extinct race at some point in the future. 

The clip was uploaded to YouTube channel Apex TV, where it has racked up more than 16,000 hits. 

And viewers were quick to share their thoughts. 

“Wow that story was amazing,” one claimed. 

Another added: “I believe she is telling the truth.”

And a third suggested: “What a great story, time travel is real.”

But others weren’t as convinced, with a fourth writing: “I’m calling bulls*** on this.”

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