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Time travel proof? SHOCK CCTV footage shows 'time traveller teleporting' in broad daylight

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The supposed proof of has sparked a frenzy among online conspiracy theorists who have branded the video “100 percent real”.

The bizarre video was uploaded to YouTube by the paranormal investigators behind the popular channel Apex TV.

Apex TV claimed the video was emailed in by a concerned security officer who works for a warehouse in Pennsylvania, US.

The security officer said he witnessed a time traveller use a teleportation device to phase out of reality.

Apex TV’s video voice over says: “He was able to catch something extremely strange on a security camera.

“What you’re about to see is immensely bizarre. Watch this and decide for yourself.”

In the video, the presumed time traveller can be seen wearing a dark hoodie as he scans a bench area behind the warehouse.

He searches for something on the ground, within sight of the building’s CCTV cameras.

The man appears to find some sort of flashing device on the ground which blinds the CCTV camera with light.

After the device flashes about 20 times, the man completely vanishes out of sight, leading many to speculate he time travelled or teleported out of reality.

The security officer who saved the CCTV recording says in the video: “There it is. He’s gone. There it is.”

Some Apex TV viewers who saw the clip were convinced it could be genuine evidence of time travel.

Nathan Toro said: “One hundred percent real. It’s the proof that time travel is real and no longer science fiction. ApexTV are telling us the truth.”

Stacey McKinnon said: “Apex TV I love your videos and I really hope they are real because I do believe in time travel, aliens, the paranormal, I even believe some sort of mermaids are out there somewhere.

“Even though part of me thinks they are fake, a part of me also thinks they are real because of how much detail is in them and the fact you have to hide identities cause the government are savages.”

And Kirito Kirigaya said: “Definitely time travel.”

But not everyone was convinced by the video footage.

Many viewers called out Apex TV for sharing a “fake” and “edited video”.

Miguel Rodriguez said: “I’m open-minded, but I remain skeptical until the footage is analysed thoroughly.

“Too many frauds are circulating. This video appears suspicious.”

And Matt Crawley said: “It’s easy video editing. I’m amazed at how gullible people are.”

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