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'Time Traveller' claims dinosaurs to RETURN as humans suffer '1000 year DARK AGE'

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The assertion was made via a video published on conspiracy theory YouTube channel ApexTV.

In the video the woman, who says her name is ‘Chloe’ and claims to work for Finland’s ‘National Science Laboratory’, says she and others have travelled as far into the future as year 64,000.

She asserted: “We sent many people to the future.

“I say that we will have many changes in the future.

“The sun will get closer to the earth and average temperatures will rise to 40 degrees Celsius and the greatest to 70.

“Because of that there will be a great collapse of the earth. It will last a thousand years.”

An average earth temperature increase to 40 degrees Celsius would be nearly triple the current figure of 14.6 degrees.

The woman also claims humans will bring extinct species of dinosaurs and other animals back to life in the future.

She explains: “Some scientists were busy with genetic engineering.

“Dinosaurs were revived in 4529 and became the main feature in zoos.

“The people considered that they were not so dangerous and let them into inhabited zones like jungles and safaris.

“The dinosaurs exterminated all animals in those areas.”

The woman went on to give a brief description of the planet in 6,000.

She claimed the period will see giant floating cities without trails to the ground, flying cars and giant skyscrapers covered with greenery.

She also described the time travel process saying: “I sat on the chair of the time machine.

“I remember those feelings. All the current filled my body. I lost consciousness.

“The next second I opened my eyes in the middle of the street.

“I had travelled to year 6,000.”

However some YouTube commentators were sceptical about her claims.

One commented: “Any proof? Time machine photos, video etc.”

Another added: “How do all of these travellers from the future know to contact you and not the mainstream media? Sounds fishy to me.”

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