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'Time traveller' spotted in old Cornish photograph

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<!––>Sarah Yeoman<!––> at 12:23pm 9th October 2018.

The snap from 1943, during the Second World War, shows people enjoying the sun in Newquay.

Stuart Humphryes shared the picture on Twitter wanting to identify the beach – which is Towan.

But one person in the photo has sparked a string of comments about whether he could be a time traveller.

In the middle of the beach you’ll see a man in a brown coat and grey trousers.

He appears to be looking at something in his hands – which some people think looks like a smart phone.

Obviously mobile phones didn’t exist in the 1940s… but it does kind of look like he’s scrolling through his social media.

Take a look for yourself…

South London History posted: “Er… is it just me or is this guy checking his phone… in the 1950s”

Kevin replied: “Good catch. It’s clearly the man in the shot is a time travelling tourist checking his mobile device.

“Finally the evidence we need that time travel is real.

“We now see things in old photos that we missed before but know we know they’re phones now that we have them!”

Other people don’t seem as convinced though…

Sharon said: “That’s not a phone in his hands it’s a round circular tube looking object about 5-6 inches tall in front of his face…how do you get a cell phone outta that.”

Somebody else replied: “I do have a question, how do you know it’s a cell phone. Just because he’s looking down at his hands. I’m sure it’s something else. Because he could not make a call or use the internet, the only thing he could do is take picks, or play game already programmed into the cell.”

And Michael posted: “Even if he had a mobile device back in the time period, what would be the point in checking the device when no one in that time period had a mobile device to text him or call him.”

So what do you reckon, time traveller ur no?

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