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'Time traveller' claims to have discovered unknown dinosaurs in distant past

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The shabbily-dressed man, wearing a creased top and gloves laced with holes, said he was from 2082 and had been sent on a variety of missions across different time periods. 

He said: “I saw T-Rexes, Stegosauruses, Triceratops, as well as a lot of other ancient creatures. And we actually discovered a lot of ancient creatures that were not previously thought to exist.

“It turns out that giant lizards like the T-Rex, they are actually cold-blooded, however, they are covered in a lot of feathers.” 

The unnamed time traveller then claimed to have seen a variety of different-coloured T-Rexes, before adding his alleged journeys into the past were more interesting than his missions into the far future. 


TIME TRAVELLER: The man claims he went back in time and saw dinosaurs

“We actually discovered a lot of ancient creatures that were not previously thought to exist”

‘Time traveller’

In the bizarre interview with ApexTV the man continued to allege that he had witnessed the famous Gettysburg address by American Civil War President, Abraham Lincoln. 

He said time travellers were sent to different time periods to document key historical events.

The man was unable to say who sent him on the number of different missions. 

He also said time travel was available in our time, but was hidden by governments across the globe. 

The clip garnered several comments, many praising the alleged time traveller for coming forward. 

A fan said: “Great video. Can he do a live question session? Or come back? I like his authenticity.”

Another added: “That’s really cool.” 

But other commenters rubbished the idea that the man had travelled through time. 

One simply told other commenters: “Stop being stupid.” 

While a savvy person said: “All these time travel stories contradict each other.”

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