Scientists: the Earth's poles can shift faster than previously thought

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The pole shift on Earth can have disastrous consequences for humanity.

Researchers from the Australian national University (Australian National University) with headquarters in Canberra warning of the potentially catastrophic scenarios of development of our civilization. After analyzing the rock samples from South-Western China, they found that the shift in polarity of the Earth can occur much faster than was thought until now.

The change of the magnetic poles will have catastrophic consequences for our civilization. This process can lead to huge losses due to the reduction of power energy systems and communication systems on the planet. Moreover, the radiation can affect human health due to the increasing effect on the Earth of solar radiation.

Until now it was believed that such changes can persist for thousands of years. The last shift of the earth poles has occurred 773 thousand years ago. However, it appeared that it could happen 98 thousand years ago, much earlier than was believed until now.

The study analyzed the paleomagnetic record. Using magnetic analysis and familiarity with radiometric species detected in South-West China, scientists were able to explore the geomagnetic history of the Earth from 107 thousand to 91 thousand.

“This entry provides important information about the behavior of the magnetic field thousands of years ago. It turned out that the changes are happening much faster than we previously thought, ” writes study co-author Andrew Roberts.

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