Video Game Deals And 4K Gaming TVs Coming With Amazon Prime Day Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is Amazon Prime day, a continuing effort by the retail megalith to dominate all of commerce by enforcing the idea that a one-day sale at a single outlet can be as broad-reaching an event as Black Friday in November. And while Prime Day covers just about everything Amazon sells–read: everything– videogame fans might want to pay special attention because Amazon has been making moves in the space. If you’re looking to make a big purchase related to hardware or just to load up on some software, Prime Day might be a good day to do it. It starts tomorrow, July 16 at 3:00 p.m. est. You’ll need to be a Prime member to take advantage.

Consoles are one thing you can expect to go on sale, either through bundles or just from discounted hardware. PS4 and Xbox One configurations are always reliable go-tos for any large-scale sale like this, and I’d expect to easily see $50 off on many bundles, with likely discounts on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for anyone looking to make the upgrade. I wouldn’t expect to see any strict Nintendo Switch sales, but there will likely be some interesting bundles that take a few dollars off the whole experience.

4K and HDR TVs are also going to be something to look at here, particularly because there will likely be some extra World Cup stock sitting around. TVs are one place where it almost never makes sense to pay full price, so taking advantage of major events like Prime Day, Black Friday or Super Bowl sales is usually your best option for when it’s time to upgrade.

You’ll also want to look at accessories, whether that’s controllers and headsets or SD cards and external hard drives. Console users will be interested in some of what’s on offer, but PC gamers are going to be the ones that will really want to pay attention tomorrow. There’s just a bit more variance in PC hardware, and a bit more opportunity for sales.

Other than that, just look at software. A prime membership is already a good way to get deals on a ton of pre-orders even on a regular day, and this is a good time of year to start getting deep discounts on last year’s blockbusters. Launch is never a great time to buy a new game, anyways. We’ll let you know the best deals when they go live.

Amazon as a company has been slowly expanding its video game presence over the past year, mostly through Twitch and special perks that it’s been offering through Twitch Prime, a membership that you get along with your Amazon Prime membership. We’ve seen free loot in games like Warframe and Fortnite, as well as a monthly free game drop akin to Xbox Live Gold or PSN+. Where Prime Day is concerned, Twitch Prime has already been offering a pretty big selection of free games in advance of Prime Day, and we’re already developing a selection to rival the console competition.

It feels like a better strategy than some of the more traditional development and hardware production routes that Amazon has taken in the past. Making consoles or developing games is a rough business whether you’re a gigantic multinational or not, but Amazon is a retail and now subscription company at the end of the day. Taking advantage of that rather than trying to muscle into a crowded market is a better idea.

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