Video: 'Fortnite' Troll Sets A New Kill Record During The Rocket Launch

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Fortnite’s new kill record.

For the most, part, it seemed like everyone got along during Fortnite’s big rocket launch. For the most part, combatants that would otherwise have been at each other’s throats laid down their arms even in the heat of battle and looked towards the sky to see what Epic had in store for it’s special, one-time event. For the most, part, it was a somewhat magical moment of collective gaming, a benchmark that developers will look to for a long time.

For the most part.

There were, of course, griefers, more than we know and definitely more than zero. We assume that most of these people were small timers, using distracted opponents to pick up a few kills, complete some challenges and maybe even get a shot at a Victory Royale. But there was one particular troll that achieved an impressive level of Fortnite infamy by setting a new solo kill record in one fell swoop. Let’s go to the video:

A bunch of players were on a giant ramp to watch the rocket and the player–whose name you can see in the image and video–destroyed the whole thing and 48 players in one moment. It’s an impressive display of carnage that ends up actually killing the perpetrator himself, but not before that magic number shows up on his screen.

You’ve got to hand it to the player: if you’re going to be a troll, at least be a troll on a grand scale such as this. It makes the event memorable in its own way: maybe you didn’t get to see the rocket go off, but that’s what Youtube is for. There’s a certain honor in being one of the 48 players that went down in the great ramp collapse.

That’s the magic of the rocket launch, even if it wasn’t the magic Epic necessarily intended. Fortnite is game all about making singular, unique stories of great triumph and heartbreaking defeat. The rocket launch was part of this, giving players a “you had to be there” moment that will never happen again. For some people, it’s just that the story is just a little bit different.

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