Slack slacks off, and Twitter jokes work overtime

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On Wednesday morning, the Slack messaging tool used by many work teams was down for three hours, throwing many far-flung employees into disarray. 

Thankfully, another quick-messaging service, Twitter, was still up, and users could turn to it to complain, commiserate and joke about the Slack communication apocalypse, which lasted from 9:30 to 12:30 ET, prime work hours. 

Use the phone? Email? Walk over and speak to a co-worker? What is this fresh hell?

Some pointed out that there are more than a few other ways to get work done. “With Slack down, I can only communicate to phone, text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, GroupMe, Instagram and Snapchat,” David French wrote. “Now I know how my grandparents did business.”

Users compared the world without Slack with everything from the apocalyptic environment of the 2007 Will Smith film I Am Legend to Milhouse of The Simpsons sadly throwing a Frisbee to himself.

Some wondered what was going on at Slack headquarters. Wrote one user, “#Slack‘s been down for a while and it occurred to me. It’s probably taking a long time for a whole bunch of people to work together on a fix, because Slack is down.”

Slack maintained a page about the outage on its website while the service was down, but the company wasn’t specific as to what happened. “We are continuing to work on fixing the connection problems that have been impacting folks,” one update read. “We hope to have the issue fully resolved as soon as possible.” 

Slack did not immediately reply to a request for additional comment.

Slack was back up at about 12:35 a.m. ET. Come out of the bunker and get back to work. 

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