Fortnite's Troubled Shopping Carts Are Now Back In The Game

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It’s not uncommon for Fortnite items to be added and removed, but the game’s first vehicles–shopping carts–have been in and out an inordinate amount. Issues with the shopping cart saw the vehicle removed once again recently, but Epic has announced it has been re-enabled in Battle Royale across all platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

Epic shared the news on Fortnite’s Twitter account, though that’s inevitably led to quips from players asking how long this will be the case for. This most recent period saw it disabled for almost a full week, and this is just one of multiple instances where Epic has temporarily pulled the vehicle from the game.

Being Fortnite’s first vehicle, it seems as if its introduction has been a learning process for Epic. Players have been able to use the shopping cart to reach areas they should not be able to (specifically, underneath the map), which is problematic for a competitive PvP game.

The shopping cart can be used solo; it also allows for one player to push around another who sits in the basket (where they can fire a weapon). It might not be the best way to win a match–though the meta around that may be changing–but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Fortnite’s most recent update introduced the Stink Bomb, a new type of grenade that deals damage over time in an area. Meanwhile, the current season is nearly set to conclude, but there’s still time to complete Season 4 challenges.

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