E3 2018: Death Stranding Gameplay And Story Shown In New Trailer

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We’ve all been waiting for more details on Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding, and Sony’s E3 press conference delivered in a big way. In the new trailer, gameplay and story elements were showcased with the main character (using Normad Reedus’ likeness) was trekking across a vast, rain-drenched mountain range. But in true Death Stranding fashion, cryptic message littered the trailer.

Norman Reedus’ character appeared to have skull tattoo on his hand at first, and the video then moves to him in a variety of environments. Gameplay showed him traversing through rivers, climbing the side of a mountain, walked across expansive plains, then Martian-like dirt areas with floating drones around. It then cuts to him naked in a shower with cuts on his feet. He’s also seen walking next to a river with what seems to be a wrapped-up corpse carried on his back

Among the cryptic messages were the phrases “Give me your hand in life,” “Give me your hand in death,” “Give me your hand in flesh,” and “Give me your hand in spirit.”

Later, we see him encounter a woman who helps him to avoid detection by floating, invisible monsters. Toward the end, we see Reedus’ character equip a device on his back that seemingly reveals the monsters periodically, but as he (and the infamous baby) try to move past them, the monsters take notice of him and begin pulling him into the ground as the trailer ends.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a Death Stranding release date or a firm grasp on what gameplay consists of, but we’ll report back as we learn more.

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