E3 2018: EA's New Game Unravel 2 Is Out Now

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E3 2018 is underway, and in EA’s press conference the company unveiled a brand new platformer: Unravel 2. As you might expect, it’s a sequel to the gorgeous 2016 game Unravel, and it’s out right now.

As with the first game, Unravel 2 focuses on the adventures of Yarny, a small, woolen toy. Developer Coldwood says the sequel will be a more upbeat affair than the original, with a slight shift away from puzzler and towards the platformer end of the spectrum. Yarny is more agile than before, and this is emphasized in some of the story mode’s trickier sections.

Two Yarnies are playable for the entire game, meaning you can either switch between the two in single-player or play the game in drop-in/drop-out co-op. Aside from the main story, Unravel 2 also contains numerous bonus challenges. These are extra-difficult tests of skill best enjoyed after completing the campaign. Like the first game, Unravel 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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We awarded the original title a 7/10 in our Unravel review. “Unravel’s wonderful sights and sounds won’t escape your own memory so soon,” wrote critic Rob Crossley. “But assessed purely on gameplay, it’s everything I tend to fear about indie projects; Beautiful, heartfelt, but like Yarny himself, not robust enough.”

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