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Time travel news: Widow reports 'house break-in' to police and makes BIZARRE 'discovery'

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The widow, named Cathy, made the call after she suspected someone was breaking into her home and struggled to keep her emotions together as the officer desperately attempted to keep her calm.

Clearly upset, Cathy told the police: “I think someone just broke into my house.

“Oh God, I can’t find him. He might’ve broken something in the bathroom and gotten hurt.”

The police officer advised Cathy to keep quiet until authorities arrived at her home to assess the situation.

He stated: “It’s important to keep quiet and hidden Cathy. Officers are almost there.”

What followed on the recording was a sinister warning from the emergency services as they warned her “do not go in” to her bathroom.

However, ignoring the advice the widow entered the room and found the “intruder” in her bathtub naked before she made a bizarre discovery that could prove the existence of time travel.

She declared: “I think he’s asleep, but there’s blood and he’s naked. Oh my God.

“Wait, wait, John?”

The confounded cop replied: “Do you know who he is, who’s John?”

Cathy explained the intruder looked remarkably like her husband who died in 2001 but appeared to be a younger version of himself and wore the same tattoo.

She said: “He’s my husband. He died in 2001.

“But he’s not, oh my, oh my God.

“He’s not, he’s not, he’s not him. But he has the same tattoo.

“He’s younger, he’s much younger. Like when we first met. Oh my God.”

The call abruptly ended before it could be explained who the “intruder” was and whether he was a younger version of Cathy’s deceased husband.

Some viewers poked fun at the video with one insisting the conversation sounded “acted”.

They wrote: “This sounds so acted. No 911 operator talks like that. And its too quiet.”

Another posted: “I think this call is fake.”

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