Destiny 2 E3 2018 Plans Include Playable New Mode And Story Reveals

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Destiny 2‘s upcoming expansion Forsaken is coming to E3 2018, and now we’ve learned more about what Bungie has in store for the show. During the Forsaken reveal livestream today, Bungie confirmed that the game’s new multiplayer mode, Gambit, will be playable on the show floor. Not only that, but Bungie plans to reveal more of Forsaken’s story during the event.

Gambit being playable on the show floor is a big deal because E3 is now open to the public, so anyone going to the event can try it before launch in September. Gambit is Destiny 2’s much-hyped PvE/PvP hybrid mode where two teams of four fight against waves of AI enemies in their own environment, separate from the other side. Enemies drop motes that you collect and deposit into a chamber of sorts which in turn sends more enemies to the other side’s area. At a certain point, one player from each time can “invade” the opposing team’s area, putting further pressure on them.

It sounds like fun, in part because you don’t necessarily have to be the most proficient shooter to get a win. And there is a further element of strategy because you have to choose how to spend your time between killing AI enemies, collecting motes, depositing them, and invading the other side.

Regarding the story in Destiny 2: Forsaken, little is known, though Bungie did confirm that it takes players back to the Reef. However, it has now “fallen to lawlessness.” Throughout the story you will investigate the unrest and “explore new regions, awaken new powers, and earn powerful weapons.”

During the livestream, Bungie said Forsaken has a “western revenge” vibe. Bungie also showed off a new six-shooter holster and boot spurs that look like they’re out of a Clint Eastwood movie. We don’t know any more about what Bungie plans to reveal about Forsaken’s story at E3, but with so little information out there, fans will be eager to hear whatever Bungie has to share.

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Another notable takeaway about Forsaken’s story content is that it was created by co-developer High Moon Studios, not principal studio Bungie. Activision executive Byron Beede did confirm, however, that High Moon worked in partnership with Bungie on the new story content.

Activision does not have an E3 2018 briefing of its own, but Destiny 2 announcements over the years have come on Sony’s stage, so that could happen again this year. Activision has a partnership with Sony to give PlayStation gamers access to some Destiny 2 content first.

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