Volvo Is Embedding Google Assistant And Maps Into Future Vehicles

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The future of vehicles is bright, and the days of getting lost on your way to any location appears to be coming to a close. At least, that’s what we can assume for future Volvo owners, as the company said it intends to embed Google Assistant and Google Maps into its future vehicles. Engadget reports this long-overdue innovation will allow users to control a bunch of their cars features via voice command. We’re not just talking about music either, as now users will be able to use voice commands to find locations, control their A/C and heat, and send text messages to friends. 

I’m all about it. Voice commands have made my driving experience much less distracting. I realize that may not be the case for everyone, which is precisely why those who don’t wish to use the feature can simply just not and let the rest of us who are willing to embrace the future move forward without them. Post your hot takes regarding car technology in the comments below. 

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