Now playing on Fox News: Nothing about the $500000 payments to Michael Cohen

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‘I don’t know if Mr. Avenatti is Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, or if he’s the lawyer for #resistance to try to do everything he can to weaken the president… the American people are fair, and if there is no proven collusion with Russia that impacted the election, I think they are tired of all the theatrics with this investigation.’

That’s Republican lobbyist Matt Schlapp responding to a rare question Tuesday night on Fox News about Michael Avenatti’s claim that Donald Trump’s layer, Michael Cohen, received some $500,000 after the 2016 election from a company controlled by a Russian oligarch with close ties to Vladimir Putin.

If Schlapp is correct that the “American people” aren’t interested in this revelation, then Fox nailed it with its programming following Avenatti’s explosive tweet.

While the rest of the media landscape couldn’t get enough of the story, Fox’s highly rated lineup pretty much avoided it all together. In fact, according to transcripts cited by Think Progress, the name “Michael Cohen” was not mentioned once by the trio of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham.

Media Matters analysis shows Fox News has spent a total of about five minutes on the story since the news broke. Topics garnering more attention: Therapy goats, Melania’s soaring ratings and a controversial high school cheer policy.

This coverage trend is nothing new, of course. The Stormy Daniels story has received much less airtime on Fox News than it has one the other cable networks. This chart from Vox pretty much sums it up:

Fox News-parent 21st Century Fox

FOX, -0.37%

 and MarketWatch-parent News Corp

NWS, +0.00%

 share common ownership.

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