Verify: Is it possible to get the flu twice in one flu season?

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Cough, chills, and fever are just some symptoms of the flu. This flu season in Georgia, the flu hospitalized more than 2,700 people and killed almost 140 people. The latest report from the Georgia Department of Public health shows some improvements.

For the first time since early December, the state’s activity is down from high to moderate.

“Initially when we had the peak of flu season, we had seen lots of flu A cases,” Dr. Chintan Patel said. “Now we’re seeing some sporadic cases of flu B.”

Patel is Coliseum Northside emergency room doctor.

“Flu A is a different strain of the virus, H3N2 was the most prevalent at the time of the peak,” Patel said. “Flu B is a completely different strain of virus.”

Some patients might think if you get the flu once a season, you’re in the clear, but Patel says that’s not the case. You could get the flu again.

“It is possible, and you’re more likely to have another strain of flu virus,” Patel said. “That is more likely the reason why you have any flu like symptoms.”

He says they’ve seen the double cases mostly in children, but it can happen to anyone.

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