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Time traveller reveals North Korea's 'SUPER VIOLENT future' and claims Kim was dealt with

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Appearing on YouTube, “time traveller” Noah made an extraordinary prediction that US and South Korean forces would declare war on Pyongyang. 

In the unbelievably strange clip Noah added he had been sent to the Korean Peninsula from the year 2030, in order to “take notes”.

He said: “I was in the middle of the war-torn part of it, and it was super violent.

“There were constant gun firings, constantly rebels just running across, but I was just trying to take notes.”


FUTURE: Noah claimed to know the fate of North Korea

Noah then claims he was captured by North Korean forces, before being taken to a camp where he was tortured. 

He added: “It was a really terrible thing, we were basically being tortured – not like painfully – but we were sore for a little bit, but we were able to get out which made us happy.” 

According to the self-proclaimed time traveller, the Korean Peninsula was unified after the conflict and that Kim Jong-un had been dealt with. 

Kim Jong-un was dealt with according to NoahGETTY

TIME PARADOX: Kim Jong-un was dealt with according to Noah

“I was in the middle of the war-torn part of it, and it was super violent”


Noah said he couldn’t reveal the tyrant’s fate over fears it would create a “time-paradox”. 

But some people who watched the clip slammed it.

Commenter Jen Noneyobusiness said: “He was just taking notes in the middle of a f*****g war? Go home Noah, it’s probably just a small apartment in Omaha with a pet turtle and his roommate.” 

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