7 things I love about the Google Pixel 2, even though I'm an iPhone user for life

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Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

I’ve never owned an Android phone as my primary device.

I jumped on the iPhone train in 2009 shortly after I got my MacBook because I wanted a quality smartphone that would work well with my laptop. Apple’s iOS ecosystem also had a reputation for having all the best apps, whereas Android devices would get those apps later, if at all.

I came for the revolutionary smartphone, but I stayed for the device integration. When Apple gave us iCloud and put iMessage on its computers a few years later, it made a huge difference in my life.

In recent years, though, device-syncing started to feel less like a practical reason to stick with Apple and more like an excuse to stay in my comfort zone. So for the past week, I bravely put away my iPhone 7 for a Pixel 2 and opened up my mind — and my heart — to the possibility of switching over.

Returning to my iPhone did feel like coming home, but a there were several things about the Pixel 2 that drew me in just a bit closer:

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