Samsung's Galaxy S9 is proof that you don't need to spend $1000 for a great smartphone

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Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

The Galaxy S9 is a bit like the weather report in a sunny state or country: Another boring, beautiful day.

Indeed, the Galaxy S9 is yet another fantastic smartphone from Samsung, but it’s not especially exciting.

The new features Samsung announced at MWC in Barcelona felt like the mundane “waterskiing squirrel” story of a news station that has no news to report. AR Emoji? Waterskiing squirrel. Variable aperture camera? Double backflip waterskiing squirrel. 

Still, Samsung made some improvements where it counts, and the S9 is a better phone than its predecessor, the Galaxy S8. Samsung keeps reminding us that it listens to its customers to make improvements, and that clearly shows in the Galaxy S9. 

But Samsung is also stubborn with certain things like the Bixby button, which is still unfortunately present on the Galaxy S9. 

Check out the new Galaxy S9 from Samsung:

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