Apple Spaceship Campus Has A Major Design Flaw, Reports 'Bloomberg'

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The new Apple spaceship campus serves as the headquarters of the Silicon Valley giant. Glass panes surround the ring-shaped office, and it lives up to the company’s obsessions for visual appeal.

The iconic office in Cupertino, California, received numerous praises for its design, but employees have one complaint about it. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple employees who are often concentrating on their iPhones continuously bump into the glass.

Invisibility Problems

Towering curved glass panels surround the entire building, and the 45-foot tall panes look stunning. The pods or the working space for Apple’s employees are inside the glass building. Given how engrossed employees are with their work, it seems like most of the people in the building walk into the panes. Reports reveal that employees keep getting smacked while walking into the glass.

To avoid these accidental collisions with the glass walls, some tried to place Post-Its on the surface. However, those notes were removed since they ruin the building’s design. Other markings are also present to the glass panes to remind Apple employees that they are there.

The Iconic Apple Building

Norman Foster, a multi-awarded architect who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is akin to the Nobel Prize in the field of architecture, designed the Apple spaceship campus. The campus is a marvel aesthetically and from an architectural perspective. It is based on the vision of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Back in 2011, Jobs referred to the Apple building as “a little like a spaceship landed.” It was supposedly the idea of the former chief to have glass pods which aim to combine solo offices with social spaces.

Apple’s design chief Jony Ive explained that using so much glass in the headquarters is a technical marvel, but it is not the achievement.

“The achievement is to make a building where so many people can connect and collaborate and walk and talk.”

Apple did not release any comment about the issue involving their all-glass design. There are also no details as to the number of similar incidents that occurred in the Apple spaceship campus. So far, there have been no reports on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website against Apple.

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